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About Me

I have been role-playing for over 30 years, written a book, helped design video games and created worlds. I have also broken my nose with a training sword. Which hurt. A lot.

Potions, Salves, Scents and Oils

Just a few ideas to provide a bit of potion variety on adventures. In 5th edition D&D, there aren’t really that many official potions to play with, which is a shame, as a limited use item is a terrific way of rewarding players without the risk of too quickly overpowering them. I intend on expanding on this single page to bring the total up to about 100, but thought I’d release the first page here for starters.

100 Fantasy Wilderness Encounter Ideas

Just a little table to maybe liven up the journey between dungeons.

If you’d like the higher resolution pdf of this, or any of my other tables, just message me.

100 Town & City Encounters

Here is a d100 town and city encounter table for use in any fantasy RPG setting. Click to enlarge or save.

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