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About Me

I have been role-playing for over 30 years, written a book, helped design video games and created worlds. I have also broken my nose with a training sword. Which hurt. A lot.

Alat├íriel – The Radiant Defender

Alatáriel is a powerful holy sword created for my Etheria campaign. It is wielded by the Duchess of Calindor, who is a Swordmaster by class. Only a true swordmaster can bring the best out of the sword and it has been passed down in her family for many generations. (And yes, the image is a sword from LOTR.)

Potions, Salves, Scents and Oils

Just a few ideas to provide a bit of potion variety on adventures. In 5th edition D&D, there aren’t really that many official potions to play with, which is a shame, as a limited use item is a terrific way of rewarding players without the risk of too quickly overpowering them. I intend on expanding on this single page to bring the total up to about 100, but thought I’d release the first page here for starters.

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