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I have been role-playing for over 30 years, written a book, helped design video games and created worlds. I have also broken my nose with a training sword. Which hurt. A lot.


MagicNotes is a small, free desktop program for Windows created in Unity by myself and my partner, @AllicornUK (

It allows you to keep track of character and NPC spell slots, class abilities, consumables like ammo, sorcery points, action surges or wand charges etc. It also allows you to create multiple tabs, which is great (especially for DMs) who might have a large number of characters and things to keep track of.

You can choose to add a text note, counter with a minimum and maximum number, rows of check-marks (which are useful for things like slots), or a shopping list type interface.

The boxes are draggable, can be labelled and assigned an outline colour of your choice to aid identification.

Better yet, when you’re done and the session is over, just close the program window (top right) and it will remember your settings and boxes, ready for when you run the program again. No need to mess with save files.

As we think of more useful things to add, or things to tweak, we’ll update the program. In the meantime though, I hope you enjoy MagicNotes and find it useful.

If this little tool makes your high elf dance with glee or your half-orc Paladin start gibbering over a picture of his goddess pressed into cheese, you can support our continued efforts on my Patreon Page at

You can get the program here :

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