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About Me

I have been role-playing for over 30 years, written a book, helped design video games and created worlds. I have also broken my nose with a training sword. Which hurt. A lot.

Where Does Magic Come From – Part 1

Alat├íriel – The Radiant Defender

Alatáriel is a powerful holy sword created for my Etheria campaign. It is wielded by the Duchess of Calindor, who is a Swordmaster by class. Only a true swordmaster can bring the best out of the sword and it has been passed down in her family for many generations. (And yes, the image is a sword from LOTR.)

5E Optional Healing Rules

I started running a 5E D&D campaign a while back and as it was one to one (1 DM, 1 player) I felt that the recovery / healing rules in 5E were a bit too generous. I totally accept that in party play, the 5E rules allow players to feel heroic and bounce back into the adventure as quickly as possible, but for a more story rich, role-playing oriented game, these are the rules I came up with and they have worked out just fine.

Campaign Maps

My new campaign map section is live. You can view my current campaign’s maps, zoom in and out of them in full screen and follow my progress as I hopefully get better at drawing them.

Random Generators

Finally, after 6 months, I am finally ready to share my attempt at random fantasy name and character generation.


When I started looking at all the random generators out there, (and there are hundreds), I always felt like they were good, but could be better.


So here we are, more than 12,000 database entries later. The system that generates these is massive and not without errors or weird combinations. But I am actively working on it – adding new descriptions, new sections and even more granular levels of detail.


Feel free to message me if you have an idea or a request.



A Glossary of Sorcerous Terms

Been making use of the excellent formatting tool at to make some almost official looking home-brew content for my Etheria campaign. This mini-glossary of magical terms was created in order to give a Sorcerer, played by one of my players, a bit more substance, detail and reason for their powers. When world-building, I like to think stuff like magic through and have reasons for why things happen. Let me know what you think and whether there is anything interesting in here.

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Potions, Salves, Scents and Oils

Just a few ideas to provide a bit of potion variety on adventures. In 5th edition D&D, there aren’t really that many official potions to play with, which is a shame, as a limited use item is a terrific way of rewarding players without the risk of too quickly overpowering them. I intend on expanding on this single page to bring the total up to about 100, but thought I’d release the first page here for starters.

100 Fantasy Wilderness Encounter Ideas

Just a little table to maybe liven up the journey between dungeons.

If you’d like the higher resolution pdf of this, or any of my other tables, just message me.

100 Town & City Encounters

Here is a d100 town and city encounter table for use in any fantasy RPG setting. Click to enlarge or save.

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