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About Me

I have been role-playing for over 30 years, written a book, helped design video games and created worlds. I have also broken my nose with a training sword. Which hurt. A lot.

Hi, my name is Alison and this is Secret Door RPG Resources – my way of sharing 30 years of Game’s Mastering experience with you and other intrepid adventurers.

Everything on this site is free to use and adapt as you see fit. Nothing is official, licensed or meant to be taken completely seriously. We all Role-play for escapism, friendship and fun, so enjoy what you find here and feel free to message me, comment or look up my Patreon page where the colorful explosion of my brain matter can be creatively tapped and harnessed for your gaming pleasure.

I started playing D&D 1st Edition when I was at school during lunches and the first adventure I ever played was the Secret of Bone Hill. From that moment, after encountering and defeating a skeleton, I fell in love with telling stories and creating worlds.

My multiverse began with the world of Kryll – a fantasy campaign set on a Terra-formed moon, hollowed out and equipped with a Black Hole for an engine and designed to be the secret weapon of a highly advanced federation that had long since been wiped out.

After that came Eldahar, (previously at, which ran online and saw over sixty players put in 1000’s of hours of game time to help bring its characters and plots to life.

Then there was the Multiverse at large – the conflict between the Lords of Law and Lords of Chaos and the cosmic world-hopping adventures of Xenon Von Victor, Valris and Sinsifel the Red Queen.

But now there is just Eternium, its 9 realms, its 3rd Realm of Etheria and the land of Far Helden…

Step through my secretdoor and look at the things I’ve made…

You can find me on twitter as @secretdoorrpg. Or on Roll20 as Feistykitten.

©2018 Alison Daines